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Submitted on
October 12, 2011


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Commission Information // CLOSED

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 12, 2011, 2:00 AM

Commissions currently open:
Until I clear my list.

Special offers:
None currently.

Coming soon:


If you read anything, make it this first section.
It is the most important. And will probably answer many questions.

I accept both Paypal and snail mail.
Just ask for my address if it's the latter.

:bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletred:    :bulletred:    :bulletred: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletgreen:
Snail mail: Pay in advance. (I am not responsible for any payments lost in the mail.)
Paypal: Pay in advance, or after seeing the sketch. Designs require advance payment.
Points: Pay in advance, or after sketches.  Currently not an option!
:bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletred:    :bulletred:    :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen:

If you want a commission, please NOTE ME WITH THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION:
Name: (dA Username please.)
Contact: Would you rather I note you, or email you? If you prefer the latter, please leave your e-mail address.
Commission type: Such as "chibi", "design", "sketch" and so on.
Character(s) to be drawn: At least ONE reference picture, please, or a detailed written description. Name, age, personality, etc. Any details you feel are important.
Other: Original file, specific poses/emotions, etc.
Is this a gift for someone? I need to know if it should be done by a certain date, or kept secret.


- I will NOT give refunds at your request. Only if I do not finish.
- Any commission that is not a flat price is based on the complexity of the character.
- Transparent backgrounds are free upon request.
- Max of THREE IMAGES PER SLOT. One slot per person.
- Paid commissions are normally done before unpaid ones.
- If I - for some reason - can NOT do your commission, I will tell you immediately.
- If I do not complete your commission, I will give you a refund. It's only fair.

I will do:
Animals - Anthro/Furries - Kemonomimis - Humans - Original Characters - Original Species - MLP - Elves
WARNING: I am willing to try all animals, but I may have weaknesses. I will warn you.

I will NOT do:
Sonic-styled characters - Extreme nudity - Mecha - Horses (for now)


Chibi:// Additional characters +$1-3
Sketch - $2-3
Lineart - N/A
Flat Color - $3-4
- $5-6
Shaded/Background - N/A

Digital:// Additional characters +$2-7
Sketch - $4 - You choose the sketch color, no BG.
Lineart - N/A
Flat Color - $5-7 - Flat-colored lined pieces. Transparent, solid, or textured BG.
Shaded/Background - $7-15 - Fully shaded pieces. Solid, transparent, or simple BG. Detailed BG will cost more.
Pixel - $13 - Shaded, transparent BG. No icons.
Lineless -$15 starting price. Will go up depending on complexity of the character, type of lineless, and background. We will discuss.

Traditional:// Works done in Prismacolor/Copic Markers. Shipping optional. Shipping cost not included; varies
ACEO - $7 - Single-character, simple background. +$2 per extra character. Extra detailed characters may cost more.
ACEO - $12 - Coupled image (2 characters, 2 ACEOs side by side)
 Badge - N/A
7x10 Page - Starts at $12. Message me.
9x12 Page - Starts at $15. Message me.
Other prices not yet determined

Extra info on shipping:
ACEO orders are always shipped in a thin card cover.

Quad - $3/4/6 - Simple/Normal/Detailed.
Anthro - $4/6 - Simple/Detailed. Not clothed.
Kemonomimimi - $4/8 - Simple/Detailed. Clothed.
Quad/Kemonomimi bundle - $7-12 - You get a Kemonomimi design, and a quad design.

Extra design info // Different parts apply to different design types
Give me keywords to work off of, if you wish, and I can try to add them in somehow.
Simple - Very few or no markings. Simple outfit or accessories.
Normal - Balanced markings. Only one form. One outfit/form.
Detailed - More than one form. Elegant markings, still balanced. More than one outfit or form.

Species Customs:// Click the name of the species for a link to the ref.
Vaité - Currently unavailable.
Faife - Currently unavailable.
Walkers - Currently unavailable.
Panidorns - Currently unavailable, no ref sheet, links to gallery.


Colors determine the type of slot. (Key at the bottom.)
Currently at a limit of 20 slots.

Commissions currently posted on profile.

Color key:
:bulletgreen: Special commission // :bulletblue: Art trade // :bulletorange: Design commission // :bulletpurple: Regular commission // :bulletpink: Gift.

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I'm waiting for them to open up again so i can steal your lovely pageable artsu.
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